Baby Teeth

My son is cutting 4 of his molars. It’s been a rough past couple of days.

I look into his mouth and they look like little snow capped mountains-the tooth just barely breaking through the surface. Poor little man is so uncomfortable. I mean, can we give this kid some Vicodin? Because seriously 1.875 ML of baby Advil isn’t doing it for him!

I have an amber teething necklace on him, given him homeopathic herbs and tinctures, icy teething toys, in addition to the Advil, but all he wants is his momma.

I am glad I can make him feel a little better just by holding him, but it is a little draining sometimes, I have to admit. Have you ever tried using the washroom while holding an 18 month old?

These are last of my son’s baby teeth to grow in. He’s getting less baby everyday and more toddler in everyway. I think when he is 15, there is no way he’ll want to cling to momma like this. So through his tooth pains, I try to love the moments we are cuddling and I’m holding him because this part of his babyhood will be over for good and all but a memory soon enough.

Baby Teeth

8 thoughts on “Baby Teeth

  1. raeily says:

    Enjoy the cuddles while they’re there. It’s something us parents have to remind ourselves often.

    Ice cold celery or a frozen wash cloth to chew on always helped us. Hope your baby/toddler gets some relief soon, but that the cuddles don’t end.


  2. Teething can be the devil. I love the description of the snow-capped mountains! Perfect. In times like that, I always remind myself how fleeting it all is. Then, I hold on a little tighter.


  3. Ugh, teething is the worst! Lily’s first set of molars kept her up all night most nights and now she’s working on all four of her canines. I can’t wait til those two year molars! You’re so right though, through all of her fussiness, sleepless nights, and clinginess I just keep telling myself that she’s in pain and can’t help it. She’s also not much of a cuddler so I’ll take them where I can get them!


  4. wonderful description!
    our little girl wears an amber teething necklace as well. she seemed to do pretty well with teething.
    definitely enjoy all the cuddles you can get! I’m not looking forward to my kids choosing friends over family when they’re older 😉


  5. Teething is no fun at all! Enjoy the closeness and the cuddles, though. I’m in the same phase of parenthood as you are (mine are 1 and 3) and I already can’t believe how quickly it is flying by.


  6. rosecappelli says:

    It’ s been a long time since I lived through teething, but I have been there. The cuddling is a memory you will always have.


  7. I loved your line – “He’s getting less baby everyday and more toddler in every way.” Such a creative and heartfelt way to express what you’re feeling. I also loved the lines that struggled between baby vicadin and homeopathic remedies. I guess when your baby is hurting you’ll take anything that will help!!


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