Real Housewife of Oak Lawn

Last night I was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I know this show is not Emmy Award winning or that it will make me more intelligent, but man, it’s soapy and I love it.

It’s the one time a week (or two, if you count Atlanta Housewives) that I watch and have the television all to myself. Here’s what happens that night:

Kids are in bed-for now-check

Pajamas on-check

Enjoying my king size bed with down comforter ALL TO MYSELF- for now– check

Phone near me to discuss ridiculous scenes with friends on commercial-check

Husband almost always comes in and interrupts-check

When my husband comes in our room he always says the same thing. “This is on AGAIN!” (As if it’s not like any other show on TV with weekly episodes?)

The funny thing is a few minutes later, my husband will be semi-watching too. He’ll ask a question and reference Nene or Lisa Vanderpump- and that makes me laugh so much because he would lie or deny this to another person if they knew this about him.

Watching Real Housewives, I’m not looking for role models, inspiration, advice, or anything else when I’m tuning in. I’m simply looking to be entertained and take a peek inside the lives of the extravagant and the extravagantly dramatic women that make for good TV.

Real Housewife of Oak Lawn

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