Corned Beef

I’ve had you boiled

I’ve had you smoked

I’ve had you slow cooked

But I like you best- baked

As an Irish American tradition, many people eat corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots, especially around/on St. Paddy’s.

Through the years, I’ve experimented in the different ways of cooking corned beef. Some people will tell you the only way to cook it is __________. Or that you must cook it fat side up. Or that the best cut is a flat cut vs. point cut. Are you using Guinness vs. water to cook it with? I’ve  experimented in curing my own corned beef and buying it already done too.

I’ve had flops and I’ve had hits.. . But what I Iike best, is gathering my family around the dinner table to enjoy tradition, love, and laughter. And when my corned beef turns out just right, and the luck of the Irish was with me, I am thankful for this meal and enjoy.

Corned Beef

6 thoughts on “Corned Beef

  1. jmjd says:

    I wouldn’t touch corned beef as a kid. Now I can’t get enough of it. In fact, I’m eating it right now as we had leftovers from Sunday’s dinner. There’s nothing like spreading out the joy.

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  2. alwriting says:

    Growing up corned beef was often on the menu. What I loved most were the cold cuts that resulted. Thank you for igniting this memory.


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