Bone Broth

Last night I began my first batch of bone broth. I wanted to make it because I would have my own homemade, organic broth to use as a base for soups and other things, and because adding bone broth to your diet has many reported health benefits such as:

Gives your body important minerals like calcium & magnesium.

Immune support-nutrient dense- good when sick

Help your body with gut/digestive issues, which many people suffer from due to gluten/grains, poor diet, GMOs, etc.

High collagen content which can really help hair, skin, nails, and joints

The bones you use need to come from a HEALTHY source-which means a pasture raised/grass fed animal. You can use any type of bones but it is paramount that the bones are from a healthy animal. If not, you are not going to get the optimal nutrients from the bones since these animals were not fed appropriate diets and probably were living in poor conditions (CAFOs), which results in an unhealthy animal, animal meat/bones.

Anyways, I made soup with a whole turkey. Took the meat off- kept the bones, cartilage, and skin leftovers and put it in a crock pot and covered it all with filtered water to simmer for 24 hours. You also need to add a little apple cider vinegar to help pull the minerals from the bones-Since I would like to use the broth also for a soup base, I also added onions, garlic, carrots, and parsley for flavor.

This morning my house smelled delicious, but I still have another 12 hours of simmering to go. When I get home, I will strain all of the solids out so that I will have just the nutrient rich liquid broth. Tonight, my kids, husband and I will all be having some with dinner. I plan to hear some questions like “Why are we drinking just broth?” or “Why does this soup have nothing in it?”  I will explain the bone broth benefits, and these questions/comments will make me laugh a little bit on the inside, but regardless of them, I know this is a good thing… I really just want to see how it is drinking it straight- (I’m pretty sure it’ll be good)- but I know it is somewhat foreign to “drink” a broth and might take a little getting used to.

Either way, I would love to start giving my kids bone broth daily since we are still in cold/flu season and I also plan to start regularly using it in my cooking so we are getting the health benefits and I know the source and every ingredient of my broth base. The cool thing is that a big batch of bone broth can be frozen into smaller amounts, so that you can always have some on hand.

Can’t wait to start implementing bone broth in my family’s diet!

Bone Broth

Lessons learned from less sleep

I used to think I needed a solid 9/10 hours of sleep in order to have a good day-that was before kids. I have found that I can and actually do operate on much less sleep, and I’m okay. My sleep is more interrupted now too. I know this isn’t optimal, but my kids won’t be babies forever, needing me for various reasons throughout the night. I know this is a small window in time. And dealing with less sleep has taught me a few things-mainly that I can handle daily life fairly well, even when situations are not my ideal.

I realized I was kind of a wimp before kids. I thought I needed everything ‘like so’ in order to be good, my sleep included. I have found that I’m much tougher than I thought I was. I’ve learned to be flexible and do the best with what I want and what I actually get-and that has made a world of a difference.


Lessons learned from less sleep

Better late then never…

I was vacillating about doing this challenge. My main reason was that between work and caring for my 1 and 3 year old, I don’t have much time for myself. When I do carve a little time out for myself, would I want to fill it with writing or rather go on and read a little celebrity gossip? I challenge myself to be better, so Slice of Life I begin!

The highlight of my weekend was having a group of friends over to hear a demo about an environmentally responsible company called Norwex. They make chemical free, plastic free solutions for your home cleaning needs.

I am a strong believer in the connection between your health and your environment and since having kids I want to do my best at creating a toxin free home. I also really care about the Earth they will inherit, so I try to always use things that will leave a smaller carbon footprint.

I love having friends that are savvy & passionate about sharing in this common goal.

Better late then never…